WHO ARE WE Dear visitor, I’m happy to present to you our new project, "The Trilogy of an Imaginary", a series of short films in 16 mm Film. We are a group of young, recently graduated filmmakers from different countries, united in Paris. The professional world of cinema is right in front of us, waiting to welcome us with open arms. This project is a ticket to an exciting adventure of art and creation, where we will try to find our place in the vast world of film and to learn how it is to risk all you have to make something from the heart and the soul. When I started to write this trilogy, I let myself get carried away by the story, its emotions and needs, without thinking about the limits and obstacles that I may meet. The story of the little girl that I want to tell takes place in a fantasy universe dominated by a strong imagination and magical, but yet terrible things. Once the script was finished, I had a lot of doubts and thought that the nature of the project could be too ambitious. This ambition brings a lot of difficulties with it, not only in the technical aspect but also in the direction. This ambition requires a certain budget, which again requires a strategy of finance and even though I learned many things during my studies, I was never confronted with a challenge like this. I think that this is a type of battle that one must confront personally to learn and grasp all the subtleties of the creation of a film. My wish right now is to share this film project with all my faith, my will and my passion. I already had the chance to shoot the first short film of the trilogy, called "DESIR" with the help of an amazing team, following and supporting the project just like I do. Together we are waiting to continue the adventure. We need YOUR help, YOUR love, YOUR motivation to help realize the "Trilogy of an Imaginary"! To complete the project with the last two short films of 10 and 20 minutes respectively, €5 could help to support us and enable you to not only become part of the team, but also part of a dream! I thank you for all your interest and time, and I hope to hear from you soon! With love, Rosa Gabbert (Director) You still have questions? Contact us!